Lesson Plans

Are you a teacher who has no idea how to introduce a specific concept? Are you a parent with no idea on how to answer a curiosity question?

On our lesson plan page, you get to have templates to give you a guide on where to start and what to do to get the activity right. You give this child what will remain permanent; therefore, you have to get it right if you are to help this child’s mind grow scientifically.

Here are some of the things that must be present in the lesson plan for any concept idea you introduce

  • Objective
  • Activities
  • Presentation
  • Testing
  • Material
  • Reflection
  • Indicators of achievement


In any of our sessions, you will have them in real-time to help you prepare them in advance for the benefit of the scientific discovery.

They come with an illustration which comes from what you see in your day t day activities. Based on the age, we expound them as you go further in the learning.


That explains why you may have the same scientific concepts across all ages. The content is comprehensive as you move to higher levels.
Some of the activities are hands-on to take care of the low concentration span of kids and allow them to learn the perceptions for their daily and academic consumption.


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