Volume 2, Number 1, Year 2013

Special Issue: Pediatric White Matter Disorders

Guest Editor: Kim M. Cecil

Guest Editorial
Kim M. Cecil

Kim M. Cecil and Travis Beckwith
Advanced magnetic resonance techniques for evaluating white matter

Beth M. Kline-Fath, Jean Tkach, and Stephanie Merhar
Premature white matter disease

Kim M. Cecil and Diana M. Lindquist
Primary leukodystrophies

Kim M. Cecil and Diana M. Lindquist
Lysosomal and peroxisomal disorders producing leukodystrophies

Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Sarah Hopkins, Moses Rodriguez, and James L. Leach
Imaging of multiple sclerosis and related acquired demyelinating disorders in childhood

Laura L. Hayes and Kim M. Cecil
Neurotoxicant effects on white matter

Susan Palasis
Traumatic pediatric white matter injury

Travis Beckwith and Kim M. Cecil
Acquired white matter injury: Infection and inflammatory processes

Diana M. Lindquist
White matter abnormalities in psychiatric disorders

Weihong Yuan, James P. McAllister, and Francesco T. Mangano
Neuroimaging of white matter abnormalities in pediatric hydrocephalus

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