Volume 15, Number 3, Year 2017

Paolo Curatolo and Luigi Mazzone
Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Review Articles
Luigi Mazzone, Leonardo Eberti Gialloreti and Paolo Curatolo:
Advances in Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Takeo Kubota:
Epigenetic Understanding of Gene-Environment Interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Atsushi Ishii anf Shinichi Hirose:
New Genes for Epilepsy–Autism Comorbidity

Renata Rizzo, Mariangela Gulisano, Crla Noemi Domini, Maria Cristina Ferro and Paolo Curatolo:
The Relationship between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Tourette Syndrome in Childhood: An Overview of Shared Characteristics

Arianna Benvenuto, Martina Siracusano, Federica Graziola, Romina Moavero, Luigi Mazzone, Leonardo Emberti Gialloreti and Paolo Curatolo:
New Perspectives in Autism Spectrum Disorder associated with Tuberous Sclerosis

Ditza A. Zachor and Esther Ben-Itzchak:
Variables Affecting Outcome of Early Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Luigi Mazzone, Giulia Giovagnoli, Martina Siracusano, Valentina Postorino and Paolo Curatolo:
Drug Treatments for Core Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Unmet Needs and Future Directions