Volume 13, Number 4, Year 2015

Special Issue: Movement Disorders

Guest Editors: Dr. Nardo Nardocci and Dr. Giovanna Zorzi

Guest Editorial
Nardo Nardocci and Giovanna Zorzi
Movement Disorders

Review Articles
Shekeeb S. Mohammad, Margherita Nosadini, Fabienne Brilot, and Russell C. Dale
Autoimmune Movement Disorders in Children: Clinical Characteristics and Therapeutic Considerations

Barbara Csányi, Apostolos Papandreou, Sammie Cuka, Ahad Abdul Rahim, Wui Khean Kling Chong, and Manju Ann Kurian
Update in Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation: Advances in Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies

Roser Pons and Darryl C. De Vivo
Movement Disorders in Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency

Giovanna Zorzi, Miryam Carecchio, and Nardo Nardocci
Inherited Isolated Dystonia in Children

P. Grattan-Smith
Psychogenic Movement Disorders in Children

Elisenda Cortès-Saladelafont, Marta Molero-Luis, Aida Ormazábal, Alba Tristán-Noguero, Cristina Sierra, Judith Armstrong, Rafael Artuch, and Àngels Garcia-Cazorla
Diagnosis of Biogenic Amines Synthesis Defects

Terence D. Sanger
Movement Disorders in Cerebral Palsy

Teresa Temudo and Cláudia Melo
Stereotypies: From Normal to Pathological

Mario Mastrangelo, Carla Carducci, Claudia Carducci, and Vincenzo Leuzzi
The Spectrum of Early Movement Disorders in Congenital Defects of Biogenic Amine Metabolism

Jonathan W. Mink
Paroxysmal Dyskinesias

Emilio Fernández-Alvarez
Polymorphic, Benign, Nonepileptic, Paroxysmal, Infantile Movements (Fejerman Condition)