Volume 12, Number 2, Year 2014

Original Articles
Mohammad Jafar Golalipour, Mohsen Arabi, and Mohammad Ali Vakili
Impact of flour fortification with folic acid on the prevalence of neural tube defects in Northern Iran

Hideaki Kanemura, Fumikazu Sano, Tetsuo Ohyama, Hiromi Hosaka, Kanji Sugita, and Masao Aihara
Asymmetry of the prefrontal lobe in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A three-dimensional volumetric magnetic resonance imaging study

Merel S. Ekker, Anke Rietveld, Erik-Jan Kamsteeg, Nens van Alfen, Lilian T.L. Sie, and Corrie E. Erasmus
Diagnostic struggles in congenital myasthenic syndromes in children

Case Reports
Surabhi Chandr and and Harpreet Momi
Guillain-Barré syndrome with pulmonary tuberculosis in a child

Amir Rezaei, Karmela Kamali, Saeedeh Haghbin, and Sorour Inaloo
Acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood

Vykuntaraju K. Gowda, Sahana M. Srinivas, Preethi Seth, Ramesh R. Lakskman, Sanjay K. Shivappa, and Premalatha Ramaswamy
Lamellar ichthyosis with severe vitamin D deficiency rickets and myopathy in siblings

Allison Buterbaugh and Jeannie Visootsak
Implications of delayed diagnosis of infantile spasms in a child with Down syndrome

Vykuntaraju K. Gowda, Bhaskar V. Madivala, Sukanya Vignesh, Praveen-Kumar Srikanteswara, Sarala H. Vykuntaraju, and Premalatha Ramaswamy
Clinicoradiological description of two children with hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia-epilepsy syndrome

Aman Singh Sohal, Victoria Whittle, and Jill Kisler
Where did this oral tube come from?