Volume 12, Number 1, Year 2014

Review Artcile
Zarrin A. H. Ansari
Levetiracetam: Pharmacological properties, safety and efficacy in the pediatric population with epilepsy

Original Articles
Jaya Shanker Tedla
Strength training effects on balance in spastic diplegia subjects: A randomized controlled trial

Victor Kaytser, Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, Bichun Ouyang, Emily Doll, and Deborah A. Hall
Motor stereotypies in fragile X syndrome

Vykuntaraju K.N. Gowda, Ningappa B. Bannigidad, Pragalath Kumar, Praveen-Kumar Srikanteswara, Shivananda, Govindraj, Sarala H. Vykuntaraju, and Premalatha Ramaswamy
Predictors of non-traumatic coma in a pediatric cohort from a South Indian tertiary care center: Results of a multivariate analysis

Case Reports
Hayrullah Alp, Tamer Baysal, Sevim Karaarslan, Abdullah Alpınar, and Hüseyin Çaksen
Electrocardiographic ST elevation (mosque sign) without myocardial ischemia in an infant with tuberous sclerosis

Karen van Hoeve and Katrien Vanrykel
Intractable hiccups as a presenting feature of clinically isolated syndrome

Vykuntaraju K. Gowda, Bharath Reddy, Hamsa Reddy, Sanjay K. Shivappa, Premalatha Ramaswamy, Sarala H.S. Gowda, and Bhaskar V. Madivala
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension following measles vaccine

Samantha A. Vergano and Elizabeth Chisholm
Diagnosis of glucose transporter deficiency syndrome type 1 in a 17-year-old male

Tanju Çelik, Aycan Ünalp, Emel Ataş Berksoy, Ünsal Yılmaz, Gülçin Akıncı, Orkide Güzel, and Aysel Oztürk
Vitamin B12 deficiency in a child presenting with epileptic spasms

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