Volume 11, Number 4, Year 2013

Review Article
Alisan Yildiran, Süleyman Kaplan, and Mehmet Emin Önger
Neuroimmune diseases are increasing. Is there a possible vaccine link?

Original Articles
Jay G. Berry, Matthew Kusminsky, Susan M. Foley, Nedda Hobbs, Jennifer T. Queally, Stuart B. Bauer, William J. Kaplan, and Elissa R. Weitzman
Strategic directions for transition to adulthood for patients with spina bifida

Rania Shatla, Riad M. Elsayed, Hala E. Sayyah, Hanan Azzam, and Soheir S. Korraa
Child psychopathology and oxidative stress in newly diagnosed children with epilepsy

Jung Sook Yeom, Young-Soo Kim, Ji Sook Park, Ji-Hyun Seo, Eun Sil Park, Jae Young Lim, Hyang-Ok Woo, Hee-Shang Youn, Chan-Hoo Park, and Sun Joo Kim
Clinical utility of stool polymerase chain reaction in pediatric patients with suspected enteroviral meningitis

Vykuntaraju K.N. Gowda, Smitha H. Vasanna, Pragalath Kumar, Shivananda, Ramesh R. Lakskman, M. Govindraj, and Premalatha Ramaswamy
Study of etiological profile of infantile and childhood focal seizures at a tertiary care centre in South India

Case Reports
Sara Pinto, João Crispim, Cândida Barroso, António Levy, and Sofia Quintas
Small vessel primary angiitis of the central nervous system: Rapidly progressing disease in a child

Aimee F. Luat, Eylem Ocal, and Raghu H. Ramakrishnaiah
Yin-yang sign on magnetic resonance imaging in a child with left frontal arterio-venous malformation and foot drop

Zulqarnain Masoodi, Lalit Mohan Bariar, and Ansarul Haq
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome with syndactyly, hydrocephalus and cleft palate: A normal variant of Ellis-van Creveld or a new syndrome?

Vykuntaraju Raju K.N. Gowda, Sukhanya Vignesh, Shivananda, Premalatha Ramaswamy, and Sarala H.S. Gowda
Alternating hemiplegia of childhood during acute episode of gastroenteritis