Volume 10, Number 4, Year 2012

Review Article
Monika Sharma, Sheffali Gulati, and Anita Choudhary
Treatment of mitochondrial disorders

Original Articles
Kayal Vijayakumar, Lucy Alderson, Sinead Barkey, Heidi-Marie Griggs, Alexandra Edwards, Katy Phillips, Wendy Doyle, and Prab Prabhakar
Medically unexplained neurological symptoms in children and adolescents: A study within WHO's international classification of functioning, disability and health framework

Nagabhushana Rao Potharaju and David P. Reilly
Reducing case fatality rate of acute encephalitis syndrome in developing countries

Mohammad Barzegar, Shadi Shiva, Mortaza Jabbarpour Bonyadi, and Vahideh Toopchizadeh
Correlation between deletion patterns of SMN1 and NAIP genes and clinical subtypes of spinal muscular atrophy in Iranian Azeri Turk ethnic patients

Sahar A. Abd El-Aziz and Hesham El-Serogy
Plasma carnitine levels in children with idiopathic epilepsy treated with old and new antiepileptic drugs

Case Reports
Christina E. Hoei-Hansen, Maria Kirchhoff, Lise Ronsbro, Alfred P. Born, Susanne Kjaergaard, and Peter Uldall
Report of two cases of infantile spasms caused by a de novo deletion in the STXBP1 gene

Riaz Ahmed Syed
Acute pharyngeal-cervical-brachial type of Guillain-Barré syndrome, masquerading brainstem stroke in a child

Janaki Rajagopalan and Pradeep M. Rangaswamy
Conversion disorder in childhood presenting as movement disorder with severe injuries

Dimitrios Arkilo, Sayyed Nabizadeh, Adel M. Malek, Ju Tang, Kristen Padulsky, Uma Khazanie, Patricia Helm, Kelly Wills, and Tomo Tarui
Pediatric internal carotid aneurysm as a complication of sphenoid sinusitis

Senthilkumar Sankararaman, Sujithra Velayuthan, Rosario Riel-Romero, Arun Kalra, and Eduardo Gonzalez-Toledo
Thalamic involvement in HSV type 1 encephalitis in children

Farouq I. Thabet, Xiuhua L. Bozarth, and Alexandru C. Barboi
Myopathy as the initial presentation of Addison's disease

Omar M. Chamdine, Abdul-Rahman S. Shatila, Nabil A. Yassin, Samar A. Muwakkit, and Ahmad O. Ibrahim
Cyclosporine-induced PRES in a child recipient of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Neuroimage of the Month
Euthymia Vargiami, Adriana Bounta, Grigoris Pardalos, Nikos Gombakis, and Dimitrios Zafeiriou
Cerebral embolism secondary to atrial myxoma in a child