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"Special Issue"

Volume 15, Number 3, Year 2017

Issue Title: Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Guest Editors: Paolo Curatolo and Luigi Mazzone

Guest Editorial
P. Curatolo and L. Mazzone
Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Review Articles
L. Mazzone, L. Emberti Gialloreti, and P. Curatolo
Advances in Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

T. Kubota
Epigenetic Understanding of Gene-Environment Interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

A. Ishii and S. Hirose
New Genes for Epilepsy–Autism Comorbidity

R. Rizzo, M. Gulisano, C. N. Domini, M. C. Ferro, and P. Curatolo
The Relationship between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Tourette Syndrome in Childhood: An Overview of Shared Characteristics

A. Benvenuto, M. Siracusano, F. Graziola, R. Moavero, L. Mazzone, L. E. Gialloreti, and P. Curatolo
New Perspectives in Autism Spectrum Disorder associated with Tuberous Sclerosis

D. A. Zachor and E. Ben-Itzchak
Variables Affecting Outcome of Early Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder

L. Mazzone, G. Giovagnoli, M. Siracusano, V. Postorino, and P. Curatolo
Drug Treatments for Core Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Unmet Needs and Future Directions