Official Journal of the World Society of Child Science, Turkiye

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Volume 15, Number 6, Year 2017

Review Articles
Zeiler, F. A.; Matuszczak, M.; Teitelbaum, J.; Kazina, C. J.; Gillman, L. M.:
Intravenous Immunoglobulins for Refractory Status Epilepticus: A Scoping Systematic Review of the Pediatric Literature

Original Article
Liang, Winnie S.; Sekar, Shobana; Nasser, Sara; Adkins, Jonathan; Cuyugan, Lori; Enriquez, Daniel; Rangasamy, Sampath; Narayanan, Vinodh:
Phenotypic Variability and mTOR Pathway Gene Aberrations in Familial Tuberous Sclerosis

Akhtar, Samina; Riaz, Ramish:
Frequency of Urinary Tract Abnormalities on MCUG of Spina Bifida Occulta Patients with Urinary Complaints

Subki, Ahmed H.; Alsallum, Mohammed S.; Alnefaie, Majed N.; Alkahtani, Abdulaziz M.; Almagamsi, Sameer A.; Alshehri, Zaher S.; Kinsara, Rayyan A.; Jan, Mohammed M.:
Erratum: Pediatric Motor Stereotypies: An Updated Review

Case Report
Simonin, Alexandre; Lipp, Alexandra; Messerer, Mahmoud; Daniel, Roy Thomas:
External Ventricular Drainage in Acute Cerebral Venous Thrombosis with Bilateral Thalamic Infarcts

Sagi-Dain, Lena; Goldberg, Yael; Berger, Racheli; Peleg, Amir:
Familial Translocation t(5;15)(p14.2;q26.2) Causing a Mirror Combination of Several Known Genetic Conditions