Volume 8, Number 2, Year 2013

Review Articles
Itzhak Brook
Penicillin failure in the treatment of group A streptococcal pharyngo-tonsillitis: Causes and solutions

Takahiro Tahara, Yoshizo Asano, Keiko Mitamura, Hidefumi Nakamura, and Susumu Itoh
Safety of oseltamivir in infants less than one year old: Prospective surveillance during the 2004–2005 influenza season in Japan

Jacob Jackson Udo, Ntia Happiness Uko, Anah Maxwell Udo, Eyong Komomo Ibor, Ewa Atana Uket, and Etuk Imaobong Saturday
HIV Seroprevalence in children whose mothers were seronegative at antenatal care booking in an immunization centre in Calabar, Nigeria

Mohammad Y. Khassawneh, Waddah M. Khriesat, Rola M. Saqan, and Wail A. Hayajneh
Resistant bacteria cause urinary tract infection in graduates of neonatal unit

Case Reports
Baba Usman Ahmadu, Pembi Emmanuel, and Babagana Mustapha Kurna
Digital gangrene an unusual feature of tuberculosis: A case report of a toddler from a low health resource country

Soroosh Aminolsharieh Najafi, Mona Tafreshi, and Reyhaneh Hasheminejad
Primary Epstein-Barr virus infection in a 40-day-old infant

Lazaro E. Hernandez, Charles Shepard, Eric Hoggard, and Roosevelt III. Bryant
Isolated Staphylococcal anterior mediastinal abscess in a 10-year-old-boy with chest pain and fever

Image in Infectious Disease
Mary Adetinuke Boyd, Howard M. Lederman, and Mark A. Travassos
A child with chronic granulomatous disease