Volume 5, Number 1, Year 2010

Original Articles
Philip R. Fischer, Jonathan N. Johnson, and Thomas G. Boyce
Chronic fatigue and infection

Sumathi Muralidhar and Deepthi Nair
HIV – Tuberculosis in children – Combating the deadly duo!

Fahri Ovalı
Perinatal infections and cerebral palsy

Donald R. Staines, Ekua Weba Brenu, and Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik
Sudden infant death syndrome: Postulated role of impaired vasoactive neuropeptide-related inflammatory modulation

Boubacar Nacro, Lazare Bénao, Makoura Barro, Suzanne Gaudreault, Nicolas Méda, and Philippe Msellati
Feeding choices and morbidity and mortality among children born to HIV-1 infected mothers during the first 6 months of life in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)

Neeraj Kumar Chauhan, Sanjay Mendiratta, Kamalika Mojumdar, and Madhu Vajpayee
Effect of mother to child transmission intervention strategies and clinical, hematological, immunological characteristics in children born to HIV-1 infected mothers in India

Aleksandra V. Steinberg, Vyacheslav I. Korzhenevich, and Elena V. Mihailova
Optimization of a diagnostic procedure for children with preliminary diagnosis of “meningitis”

Lara Aguilar, Ana Carolina Soley, and Adriano Arguedas
Etiological and demographic characteristics between unilateral and bilateral otitis media in Costa Rican children

Selim Ahmed, M. Quamrul Hassan, Shayla Nasrin, Abu Ubayeed M. Muhsin, and Luthful Kabir
Clinical profile and seasonality of rotavirus infection in children of Bangladesh

Vanda Bento, Rita Machado, Marta Ferreira, Marta Conde, Helena Carreiro, Gonçalo Cordeiro Ferreira, and Maria João Rocha Brito
RSV infection – Risk factors, complications and treatment in two Portuguese hospitals

Irina A. Haydushka, Luis Martínez-Martinez, Nadya Markova, Silvia N. Genova, Todor V. Kantardjiev, and Pedro L. Valero-Guillen
Fatal pneumonia in a newborn caused by Oerskovia xanthineolytica

Regan Solomons, Ronald van Toorn, and Johan F. Schoeman
Tuberculous meningitis presenting as hemiplegia alternans in two children

Madhumita Nandi, Suhas K. Ganguli, Rakesh K. Mondal, Supratim Dutta, and Krishnendu Mukherjee
Infection associated hemophagocytic syndrome in childhood tuberculosis: A case report

Ines Zaraa, Feriel Robbena, Hela Zakraoui, Sondes Trojjet, Mourad Mokni, and Amel Ben Osman
Dissemined cutaneous herpes zoster in an immunocompetent infant

Ceyda Acun, John F. Keiser, and Hany Aly
Late-onset group B streptococcus infection in a preterm neonate

Varsha Gupta, Jaspal Kaur, Ravi Gupta, Parmanand Gupta, and Jagdish Chander
Unusual clinical presentation of bone and joint infections caused by Salmonella typhi

Liliana Bezrodnik, Daniela Di Giovanni, Elena De Matteo, Silvana Maglio, and Cristina Cerqueiro
Thymus inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor in child with an Interleukin-12-receptor beta 1 deficiency (IL12rβ1)

Iskra G. Raynova and Valeria I. Kaleva
Report on clinical manifestations and treatment difficulties of toxocara infection in six children in Bulgaria

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