Volume 4, Number 2, Year 2009

Special Issue: Sepsis and Septic Shock: Global Perspectives

Niranjan Kissoon
Sepsis and septic shock, global perspectives

Review Articles
Cristina M.F. Mangia, Niranjan Kissoon, and Joseph A. Carcillo
Sepsis and septic shock: A global overview

Niranjan Kissoon and Joseph A. Carcillo
The global neonatal and pediatric sepsis initiative

Sunit Singhi, Andrew C. Argent, Arun K. Baranwal, and Indumathy Santhanam
Septic shock: Management in emergency department with available resources

Mona Singal, Yumiko Mizuno, Peter Skippen, and Niranjan Kissoon
Sepsis in the pediatric intensive care unit

Suchitra Ranjit, Niranjan Kissoon, and Shivkumar Shamarao
Dengue viral infections and shock syndromes: An overview

Kate Felmet, Karen Choong, and Niranjan Kissoon
Hormonal therapies in septic shock

Mark W. Hall and Jennifer A. Muszynski
Immune modulation in sepsis

Trung C. Nguyen, Yong Y. Han, James D. Fortenberry, and Joseph A. Carcillo
Plasma exchange therapy in sepsis

Bo Sun, Feng Xu, and Wenliang Yu
Sepsis and septic shock study in pediatric critical care: An overview of recent Chinese literature

Rebecca Sherlock
Neonatal sepsis and septic shock: Current trends in epidemiology and management

Andrew C. Argent and Brian Eley
Viral sepsis in the pediatric intensive care unit

Sunit Singhi, Praveen Khilnani, Rakesh Lodha, Indumathi Santhanam, M. Jayashree, Suchitra Ranjit, Bala Ramachandran, Uma Ali, Anil Sachdev, Krishan Chugh, Soonu Udani, Rajiv Uttam, Satish Deopujari, and Niranjan Kissoon
Guidelines for treatment of septic shock in resource limited environments