Volume 3, Number 3, Year 2008

Christa L. Fischer Walker
Zinc as an adjunct treatment for Shigella in low income settings

Review Article
Jill Blumenthal, Katherine P. Heyman, Robin M. Trocola, and Brian M. Slomovitz
Barriers to acceptance of the human papillomavirus prophylactic vaccine

Original Articles
Bamidele Abiodun Iwalokun and Senapon Bakare
Comparative sensitivity to zinc sulphate of Shigella isolates recovered from Nigerian children with low and marginal plasma zinc concentrations

Federico Martinón-Torres, Silvia Dosil Gallardo, Laura Pérez Gay, Fernando Alvez, Antonio Rodriguez Núñez, and Jose María Martinón Sánchez
Has the number of cases of pediatric empyema increased in North-West Spain?

Adeola A. Orogade, Catherine O. Falade, Henrietta U. Okafor, Olugbenga A. Mokuolu, Aisha I. Mamman, Tagbo A.Ogbonu, Oluwatoyin O. Ogunkunle, Kolade S. Ernest, Michael V. Callahan, and David H. Hamer
Clinical and laboratory features of congenital malaria in Nigeria

Saadet Akarsu, Seval Yilmaz, Sema Ozan, Fulya Benzer, Neşe A. Citak Kurt, and Abdullah Kurt
Effects of meningitis and encephalitis on oxidative state of blood and cerebrospinal fluid

Case Reports
Iqbal Mochtar and Saskia Dyah Handari
Acute rheumatic fever accompanied by pulmonary regurgitation and psychiatric syndrome

Rakesh Kumar Mondal, Madhumita Nandi, Anirban Chatterjee, and Achyut Sarkar
Congenital cytomegalovirus infection with multiorgan involvement and coarctation of aorta with aortic thrombi and corpus callosal agenesis: A causal association?

Thomas J. Seery and Steven E. Spencer
Group B streptococcus abscess as the initial presentation of a new onset diabetic child

Pernille Brandt and Poul-Erik Kofoed
Katayama fever: A cause of fever in children returning from the tropics

Madhumita Nandi, Jagabandhu Ghosh, and Suhas K. Ganguli
Visceral leishmaniasis with bilateral parotid swelling: A novel association

S. Kolade Ernest and Ezekiel O. Odelowo
Superior vena cava syndrome in childhood