Volume 3, Number 1, Year 2008

Lewis P. Rubin
Automated colorimetric blood culture systems in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis

Review Articles
Athar Baig and Walid Abuhammour
Kawasaki disease

Pedro Moro and Peter M. Schantz
Echinococcosis: A brief review

Original Articles
Azra S. Hasan, Preena Uppal, Sugandha Arya, Malini R. Capoor, Deepthi Nair, Harish Chellani, Monorama Deb, and Pushpa Aggarwal
Comparison of BacT/Alert microbial detection system with conventional blood culture method in neonatal sepsis

Vicente Y. Belizario, Maria Lourdes E. Amarillo, Ruth M. Martinez, Alexander O. Mallari, and Cyndi Mae C. Tai
Efficacy and safety of 40 mg/kg and 60 mg/kg single doses of praziquantel in the treatment of schistosomiasis

Manisha Singh, Kashi N. Prasad, and Surinder K. Yachha
Elongated Helicobacter pylori in gastric mucosa of children associated with gastric disease

Asma Al-Thani, Mamoun Elsheikh, Mohammed Janahi, Ajayeb Al-Marri, Huseyin Caksen, and Abdulbari Bener
Seasonality and epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus in Qatar

Marcelo Jenné Mimica, Eitan Naaman Berezin, Rozane de Lima Bigelli Carvalho, Eliana Schneider, and Hélio Hehl Caiaffa-Filho
Evaluation of accuracy and cost of four different methods for detection of methicillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus isolates from pediatric patients hospitalized in Brazil

Case Reports
Bianca Panis, Hans Wagenvoort, Els de Brauwer, and Jeannette Dankert-Roelse
Increased incidence of invasive group A beta hemolytic streptococcal infections in children

Biobele J. Brown, Regina Oladokun, and Kikelomo Osinusi
Female genital mutilation and parent to child transmission of HIV: A case report of a possible double tragedy

Amit Agrawal, Akshay Pratap, Chandra S. Agrawal, and Satya N. Singh
A case of retroorbital subperiosteal hematoma and frontal extradural abscess

Madhumita Nandi, Rakesh Mondal, Supratim Datta, and Abhijit Chowdhury
Prolonged hepatitis due to hepatitis A virus infection in children

Santiago Campos, Pablo de la Cerda, and Alfonso Rivera
Fatal artesunate toxicity in a child

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