Volume 2, Number 2, Year 2007

James Stallworth
Investigation and management of pediatric pleural empyema

Review Articles
Ajay K. Khanna, Satyendra K. Tiwary, and Rahul Khanna
Surgical complications of enteric fever in children

Jorg Heukelbach, Deon Canyon, and Rick Speare
The effect of natural products on head lice: In vitro tests and clinical evidence

Original Articles
Fauzia Paize, Elvina White, Louisa J. Heaf, Colin Baillie, Simon Kenny, Jonathan M. Couriel, David P. Heaf, Rosalind Smyth, and Kevin W. Southern
An integrated care pathway for optimizing the investigation and management of pediatric pleural empyema

Ebunoluwa Adejuyigbe, Foluso Owotade, Morenike Folayan, Michael Adedigba, and Henry Anyabolu
Oro-facial lesions in human immunodeficiency virus infected children in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

M. Mokhtar Arshad, Melinda J. Wilkins, Frances P. Downes, M. Hossein Rahbar, Ronald J. Erskine, Mathew L. Boulton, Muhammad Younus, and Mahdi A. Saeed
Epidemiology of infant salmonellosis in Michigan: Records of 1995–2001

Erica Waddle, Malek El Yaman, and Ravi Jhaveri
Frequency and outcomes of Moraxella catarrhalis bacteremia in children

Walid Abuhammour
Pertussis awareness among internists and family practice physicians in the state of Michigan in the USA

Case Reports
Danaya Chansinghakul, Woraman Waidab, Thitikul Hiranraj, Yodporn Mayurasakorn, Sarina Hemungkorn, and Usa Thisyakorn
Slow progression of human immunodeficiency infection in a 14-year-old boy born to an HIV-infected mother

Vijay Zawar, Antonio Chuh, Anil Gugle, and Sudhir Sankalecha
A non-healing chronic plaque on buttocks in a child: Lupus vulgaris

Bülent Ataş, Oǧuz Tuncer, Hüseyin Çaksen, and Şükrü Arslan
A non-healing chronic plaque on buttocks in a child: Lupus vulgaris