Volume 11, Number 3, Year 2016

Priya Verghese
Infections in Children with Kidney Disease

Review Articles
A. Nillsen and L. Kent, Alison
Sepsis and Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury

Brian C. Bridges and David T. Selewski
The Role of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Sepsis

Radha Gajjar and Sandra Amaral
The Contribution of Urinary Tract Infection to Chronic Kidney Disease in Children: An Entity in Evolution

Myda Khalid and Corina Nailescu
Infection Prevention in Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis/Transplant

Priya Pais
Infectious Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease in the Developing World

Oana Nicoara, Michael J. G. Somers, and Deepa H. Chand
Infectious Complications of Peritoneal Dialysis in Children with End-Stage Renal Disease

Raj Munshi
Infection in Hemodialysis

Terry Dixon and Katherine Twombley
Infections in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients