Volume 11, Number 2, Year 2016

Review Article
Fatma E. Taşbent and Sevgi Pekcan
Influenza: Epidemiology, Laboratory Diagnosis, and Clinics

Original Article
C.G. Scrafford, S.C. Basnet, I. Ansari, L. Shrestha, S. Shrestha, R. Ghimire, J. Katz, S.K. Khatry, W. Checkley, S. Basnet, M. Shrestha, S.B. Thapa, P. Kansakar, S. Puree, V. Todi, and J.M. Tielsch
Evaluation of Digital Auscultation to Diagnose Pneumonia in Children 2 to 35 Months of Age in a Clinical Setting in Kathmandu, Nepal: A Prospective Case–Control Study

Case Reports
Mihir Sarkar, Debajyoti Datta, Tamoghna Biswas, and Satyabrata Roychowdhoury
Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Due to Scrub Typhus Infection in Pediatric Population: A Case Series from a Tertiary Care Center of Eastern India

Suman Das, Ashwati Nayar, Dilip Kumar Paul, Suprit Basu, Sandip Sen, Mala Bhattacharya, Anish Chatterjee, and Akansha Dalmia
Calvarial Tuberculosis with Multiple Intracranial Tuberculomas: A Rare Association in a Severely Malnourished Child with Disseminated Tuberculosis

Wenly Ruan, Jaeon Abraham, Erin McElvania Tekippe, and Jane D. Siegel
Cryptococcal Meningitis in a Teenage Boy with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Paul Heaton, Jolanta Bernatoniene, and Gareth J. Morgan
Q Fever and Kawasaki Disease with Coronary Artery Dilatation