Volume 10, Number 1, Year 2015

Review Article
Idris Abdullahi Nasir, Hadiza Umar Mele, Adamu Babayo, Fatima Yahaya.
Serum procalcitonin assay for investigations and clinical management of neonatal sepsis: A review.

Original Articles
Majid Malaki
Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteremia presenting on a neonatal intensive care unit during the first week of life.

Joseph Carolin Jeyanthi, Ian Ong, Yeo Joo Guan, Krishnamoorthy S. Subramania, and Thoon Koh Cheng
Epidemiology and outcome in neonatal and pediatric Herpes simplex encephalitis – a 13 year experience in a Singapore tertiary children’s hospital.

Case Reports
Jagabandhu Ghosh and Joydeep Ghosh
Viral hepatitis with acute haemoglobinuria

Cassio Porto Ferreira, Ana Cristina Oliveira de Almeida, Rodrigo de Almeida Paes, and Suzana Corte-Real
Zoonotic sporotrichosis epidemic affects children in Brazil

K.M. Knight and S. Naik
Mycobacterium mucogenicum central venous line infection: Successful treatment in a two year old child without line removal

Vipul Kumar Gupta, Geetanjali Jindal, Usha R Dalal, R.P.S. Punia, and Vishal Guglani
Mucormycosis presenting as acute abdomen in an immunocompetent child

Chakrabartty Subroto, Swati Chakravarthy, A.C. Pravin, Banerjee Tapan Jyoti, Chandan Banerjee, and Parichaya Bera
Typhus fever -A diagnostic dilemma

Lilly C. Immergluck, Trisha Chan, Rebecca Meyer, Saadia Khizer, and Van Nguyen
Listerial meningitis and non-typhi Salmonella bloodstream infection in infant.