Volume 5, Number 2, Year 2016

Special Issue: Nephrology in Pediatric Critical Care

Guest Editor: Dr. Eunice John

Guest Editorial
Dr. Eunice John
Nephrology in Pediatric Critical Care

Review Articles
Jean-Pierre Guignard and Uma S. Ali
Acute Renal Failure in the Neonate

Gokhan Olgun and Eunice John
Hypertension in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Shihtien Wang
Renal Replacement Therapy in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit

Kimberly Czech and Eunice John
Approach to Pediatric Patients with UTI in the PICU

Ayesa N. Mian, Ronnie Guillet, Lela Ruck, Hongyue Wang, and George J. Schwartz
Acute Kidney Injury in Premature, Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants