Volume 2, Number 3, Year 2013

Review Article
Asher Levin and Gideon Paret

Original Articles
Ahmed S. Elbeleidy, Seham A. El -Sherbeini, HebatAllah F. Algebaly, and Nour M. Alkhatib
Pattern of neurological dysfunctions in pediatric intensive care unit

Marti Pons-Odena, Daniel Palanca, Vicent Modesto, Elisabet Esteban, Domingo González-Lamuño, Robert Carreras, and Antonio Palomeque
SpO2/FiO2 as a predictor of non-invasive ventilation failure in children with hypoxemic respiratory insufficiency

Chani Traube, Robert Witcher, Elena Mendez-Rico, and Gabrielle Silver
Quetiapine as treatment for delirium in critically ill children: A case series

Case Reports
Joanne K. Claveria, Michael T. Meyer, Martin K. Wakeham, and Thomas T. Sato
Pulmonary embolism in two patients after severe hepatic trauma

Kristin Lang, Elizabeth Champion, Graham Cosper, Benjamin Peeler, and Thomas Maxey
A near lethal case of plastic bronchitis following truncal valve replacement

Suman Das, Kaushani Chatterjee, Nirmalya Sarkar, Bholanath Aich, and Sanat Dolui
Cholinergic crisis, intermediate syndrome and delayed polyneuropathy following malathion poisoning

Christopher J. Babbitt, Jean Lake, and Glenn K. Levine
Use of dexmedetomidine as adjunctive therapy for anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis