Volume 1, Number 2, Year 2012

Sunil Sinha
Endotracheal tube leakage in babies receiving mechanical ventilation: A bane or a boon?

Review Article
Daniela Mokra and Andrea Calkovska
Exogenous surfactant in the treatment of neonatal meconium aspiration syndrome

Original Articles
Ramadan A. Mahmoud, Hans Proquitté, Somaya E. Hadhood, and Gerd Schmalisch
Effect of endotracheal tube leakage on respiratory function monitoring: Comparison of three neonatal ventilators

A. Vlatten, A. Fielding, A. Bernard, S. Litz, B. MacManus, and C. Soder
Comparison of the airtraq laryngoscope to the direct laryngoscopy in the pediatric airway

George Briassoulis, Shekhar Venkataraman, and Ann Thompson
Nutritional-metabolic factors affecting nitrogen balance and substrate utilization in the critically ill

Vanessa Vieira Machado, Luane Marques de Mello, Anderson Soares da Silva, and Altacílio Aparecido Nunes
Evaluation of pain in the pediatric patient by nurse in the hospital

Mark Duffett, Daisy M. Liu, Ashish Deshpande, and Karen Choong
Caffeine in bronchiolitis associated apnea: A retrospective cohort study

P.B. Koul, B.R. Totapally, and A. Raszynski
Continuous octreotide infusion for treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to portal hypertension in children: An observational study from pediatric intensive care unit

Peter N. Johnson, Jamie Miller, and Donald Harrison
Evaluation of initial methadone dosing for prevention of iatrogenic opioid abstinence syndrome in children

Vinay Kukreti, Kambiz Norozi, Edward Tweedie, Erin Killorn, and Douglas D. Fraser
Anomalous origin of left main coronary artery from the right sinus of Valsalva leading to sudden death

Stephan Schoof, Harald Bertram, Jan Thommes, Thomas Breymann, Urte Grosser, T. Mesud Yelbuz, Armin Wessel, and Kambiz Norozi
Removal of temporary pacemaker after cardiac surgery in infants: A harmless procedure?