Volume 1, Number 1, Year 2012

Mark J. Heulitt
A new journal in the field of Pediatric Intensive Care

Roger W. Byard
Drowning in childhood – an ongoing problem

Review Article
Mark Duffett, Alyssa Koop, Kusum Menon, Maureen O. Meade, and Deborah J. Cook
Clonidine for the sedation of critically ill children: A systematic review

Original Articles
Nora Hofer, Wilhelm Müller, and Bernhard Resch
Definitions of SIRS and sepsis in correlation with early and late onset neonatal sepsis

Victor Grech, Maria Cassar, and Sandra Distefano
Nurse staffing levels on the NPICU in the island of Malta

James P. Orlowski and Cheryl Lynn Cramer
The drowning risks associated with visiting family or friends

Sascha Meyer, Mohammed Ghiath Shamdeen, Mohammed Shatat, Hans-Jochaim Schäfers, Ludwig Gortner, Sven Gottschling, and Hashim Abdul-Khaliq
The role of EEG recordings in children undergoing cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease

Akshay K. Saxena, Kushaljit S. Sodhi, Mukesh K. Yadav, Jai K. Mahajan, and Niranjan Khandelwal
Neonatal breast abscess

Letter to the Editor
Eugen-Matthias Strehle
Novel vein viewing system assists with venepuncture in children