Volume 4, Number 3, Year 2015

Special Issue: Genetic Advances in Intellectual Disability

Guest Editor: Dr. Donatella Milani

Donatella Milani, Luisa Ronzoni, and Susanna Esposito
Genetic Advances in Intellectual Disability

Review Articles
Gemma L. Carvill and Heather C. Mefford
Next-Generation Sequencing in Intellectual Disability

Andrew C. Edmondson and Jennifer M. Kalish
Overgrowth Syndromes

Maurice A. M. van Steensel
Neurocutaneous Manifestations of Genetic Mosaicism

Lidia Pezzani, Donatella Milani, and Gianluca Tadini
Intellectual Disability: When the Hypertrichosis Is a Clue

Juanita Neira-Fresneda and Lorraine Potocki
Neurodevelopmental Disorders Associated with Abnormal Gene Dosage: Smith–Magenis and Potocki–Lupski Syndromes

Giuseppe Marangi and Marcella Zollino
Pitt–Hopkins Syndrome and Differential Diagnosis: A Molecular and Clinical Challenge

Silvia Spena, Cristina Gervasini, and Donatella Milani
Ultra-Rare Syndromes: The Example of Rubinstein–Taybi Syndrome