Volume 6, Number 2, Year 2017

Review Articles
W. Schraegle, N. Nussbaum, D. Clarke, and C. Ma
Exploring Pre- and Postoperative Profiles of Hot Water Epilepsy: Revisiting Pathogenic Mechanisms

N. J. Rosculet and C. E. Stafstrom
Neurostimulation Techniques for the Treatment of Epilepsy

Original Articles
S. Lam, C. Hadley, D. J. Curry, and I-Wen Pan
Comparison of Perioperative Costs between Stereotactic Laser Ablation and Craniotomy for Hypothalamic Hamartoma

H. J. Tan, M. Awadh, M. O'Regan, T. R. Martland, and R. Kneen
Effectiveness and Tolerability of Rufinamide in Children and Young People: A Survey of Experience from the United Kingdom

F. Le Gal, S. Lebon, G. P. Ramelli, A. N. Datta, D. Mercati, O. Maier, C. Combescure, M. I. Rodriguez, M. Seeck, E. Roulet, and C. M. Korff
SCN1A Does Not Determine Seizure Duration in Children Unaffected by Dravet's Syndrome

Case Reports
H. Kanemura, F. Sano, T. Ohyama, K. Sugita, and M. Aihara
The Implication of the Thalamus in Speech Disturbance in a Boy with Rolandic Epilepsy

D. Sirsi, D. Armstrong, J. Muñoz-Bibiloni, B. Redondo, and J. Y. Park
SYN1 Gene Mutation in a Child with Focal Epilepsy and Reflex Bathing Seizures