Volume 5, Number 4, Year 2016

Review Articles
Seema Shroff
Pediatric Epilepsy: A “Histo”-Pathologic Perspective

Mitra Habibi, Saba Ahmad, and Claudine Sinsioco
The History of Development of Pharmacologic and NonPharmacologic Treatment of Pediatric Epilepsy

Tatyana Gitlevich, Fred A. Lado, and Solomon L. Moshé
Kozhevnikov-Rasmussen Syndrome: A Historical Perspective Spanning Two Centuries

Cornelia Handy Gonsalves
Nursing Role on the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit: A Historical Perspective

Yeeshu Singh, Atma Ram Bansal, Aditya Gupta, and Arun Garg
Symptomatic Case of Startle Epilepsy with Infantile Brain Damage Treated with Hemispherotomy: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Original Article
Sunjay Nunley, Daniel M. Cohen, Justin Cole, and Anup D. Patel
Impact on ED Utilization and Associated Costs of Abortive Seizure Medications Using an Accountable Care Organization Database

Case Reports
Hideaki Kanemura, Tetsuo Ohyama, Sonoko Mizorogi, Kanji Sugita, and Masao Aihara
Prefrontal Lobe Growth Disturbance in a Patient with Frontal Absence Seizures

Daniel Olivero and Sergey Prokhorov
Reflex Anoxic Seizure in a 13-Year-Old Healthy Girl by Performing the “Mess Trick” and “Fainting Lark”

Book Reviews
Carl E. Stafstrom
Neonatal Seizures: Current Management and Future Challenges

Dalila Lewis
Epilepsy Board Review