Volume 5, Number 2, Year 2016

Special Issue: Epilepsy in Neurocutaneous Syndromes

Review Articles
Roberto Horacio Caraballo, Ernesto Portuondo, and Pablo S. Fortini
Neurofibromatosis and Epilepsy

Romina Moavero, Roberta Bombardieri, Sara Marciano, Caterina Cerminara, and Paolo Curatolo
Epilepsy in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Harvey B. Sarnat and Laura Flores-Sarnat
Neurocutaneous Syndromes as Embryonic Neurocristopathies

Mathieu Kuchenbuch and Rima Nabbout
Sturge–Weber Syndrome

Nadia El Malhany, Marta Elena Santarone, Caterina Cerminara, and Paolo Curatolo
Epilepsy Associated with Incontinentia Pigmenti

Laura Flores-Sarnat
Epilepsy in Neurological Phenotypes of Epidermal Nevus Syndrome

Case Report
Renata Rizzo and Piero Pavone
Seizures Are Not a Prevalent Feature of Wyburn-Mason Syndrome