Volume 4, Number 3, Year 2015

Special Issue: Adolescent Epilepsies

Guest Editors: Dr. Gregory B. Sharp and Dr. Debopam Samanta

Guest Editorial
Debopam Samanta and Gregory B. Sharp
Adolescent Epilepsies

Review Articles
Debopam Samanta and Erin Willis
Generalized Epilepsy Syndromes of Adolescence

Gregory W. Albert and Demitre Serletis
Surgical Management of Epilepsy in Adolescent Patients

Aimee F. Luat
Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy with Adolescent Onset: Clinical Features and Diagnosis

Erin Willis and Debopam Samanta
Paroxysmal Non-epileptic Spells in Adolescence

Thomas G. Burns and David W. Loring
Psychological and Social Impact of Epilepsy: Pediatric and Adolescent Review

Gregory B. Sharp
Epilepsy in Adolescents: Rational Treatment and Considerations