Volume 2, Number 2, Year 2013

Review Articles
Serena Donetti Dontin, Sara Olivotto, Federica Teutonico, Nausicaa Altieri, Umberto Balottin, and Pierangelo Veggiotti
Corticosteroid therapy for epileptic encephalopathies other than West syndrome

Batool F. Kirmani, Diana Mungall, and Jose Aceves
Management of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome with rufinamide

Original Articles
Sherifa A. Hamed, Azza A. Eltayeb, Hanan O. Mohamad, and Ehab M.M. Moussa
Brain function in children with untreated epilepsy: Relationship to biomarkers of brain damage

M.K. Bakhshandeh Bali, Mahmoud R. Ashrafi, Seyedeh Mohadeseh Taheri Otaghsara, Mohammad M. Nasehi, Eznollah Azargashb, Parvaneh Karimzadeh, and Mohammad Ghofrani
Clinical trial of pregabalin as an add-on therapy in children with refractory epilepsy

Stacey Mohammadie, Anthony R. Riela, Robert Chudnow, Gerald So, and Van S. Miller
Felbamate in intractable pediatric and young adult epilepsy

Case Reports
Cristel M. Sørensen, Marianne Ifversen, Jakob Ek, Peter Uldall, and Henrik Simonsen
Neutropenia responsive to ketogenic diet in an infant with GLUT1 deficiency syndrome

Vykuntaraju K.N. Gowda, Bharath Reddy, Bhaskar V. Madivala, Premalatha Ramaswamy, and Sarala H.S. Gowda
Aicardi syndrome with type 2b interhemispheric cyst