Volume 2, Number 1, Year 2013

Special Issue: Advances in Pediatric Epilepsy Neuroimaging

Guest Editors: Anne Gallagher and Doris D.M. Lin

Guest Editorial
Doris D.M. Lin and Anne Gallagher
Advances in pediatric epilepsy neuroimaging

Review Articles
Emilie Bourel-Ponchel and Fabrice Wallois
High-density EEG and source analysis: Principles, recent progress and applications in children

Ameneh Mashayekh and Andrew Newberg
Role of SPECT and PET in pediatric epilepsy

Paul A. Caruso, Jason Johnson, Ron Thibert, Otto Rapalino, Sandra Rincon, and Eva-Maria Ratai
The use of MRS in the evaluation of pediatric epilepsy

Domitille Malfait, Alan Tucholka, and Sarah LippƩ
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and pediatric epilepsy

Marion Noulhiane, Charlotte Pinabiaux, Isabelle JambaquƩ, Catherine Chiron, and Lucie Hertz-Pannier
Recent advances in functional magnetic resonance imaging: Contribution to pediatric epilepsy

Christos Papadelis, Chellamani Harini, Banu Ahtam, Chiran Doshi, Ellen Grant, and Yoshio Okada
Current and emerging potential for magnetoencephalography in pediatric epilepsy

Anne Gallagher
The utility of near infrared spectroscopy in pediatric epilepsy

Volume 1 Reviewers
Volume 1 Reviewers

Book Review
Carl E. Stafstrom
Fast Facts: Epilepsy