Volume 1, Number 4, Year 2012

Review Articles
Hideaki Kanemura and Masao Aihara
Neurobiological effects of CSWS on brain growth: A magnetic resonance imaging volumetric study

Richard A. Prayson
What are the pathologies of nonlesional epilepsy: One pathologist’s perspective?

Chinekwu Anyanwu and Gholam K. Motamedi
Management of pediatric refractory epilepsy

Original Articles
Cyrus Huang, Eric D. Marsh, Daniela M. Ziskind, Juanita M. Celix, Bradley Peltzer, Merritt W. Brown, Phillip B. Storm, Brian Litt, and Brenda E. Porter
Leaving tissue associated with infrequent intracranial EEG seizure onsets is compatible with post-operative seizure freedom

Kotb A. Metwellay, Hekma S. Farghaly, Alaa E.M. Darweesh, and Sherifa A. Hamed
Cognitive delay in children with tuberous sclerosis in a developing country: Clinical correlations

Sahar A. Abd El-Aziz and Hesham El-Serogy
Serum neuron-specific enolase: A marker for neuronal injury in children with convulsive status epilepticus

Doerthe Keiner, Michael R. Gaab, Henry W.S. Schroeder, Joerg Baldauf, and Joachim Oertel
Seizures in intracranial endoscopy in children

Kamer S. Rana, Shuvendu Roy, and Daljit Singh
Incidence and profile of intractable epilepsies in a pediatric neurology referral center