Volume 1, Number 2, Year 2012

Mark D. Holmes
Rufinamide: A broad-spectrum anti-seizure medication

Review Articles
Nebojsa J. Jovic
Frontal lobe dysfunctions in patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

Deniz Yerdelen and Filiz Koç
Reflex epilepsy

Original Articles
Jennifer Y. Lee, Patricia Bruno, Olivia T. Rabe, Elizabeth A. Thiele, and Ronald L. Thibert
Rufinamide treatment for refractory epilepsy in a largely pediatric population

Sherifa Ahmad Hamed, Essam Saad Darwish, Ahmed Hamdy Youssef, Naglaa H. Abo-Fadan, Mostafa M. Abdellah, and Ali Mabrok Salem Bathalath
The effect of antiepileptic drugs on the evoked potentials of children with epilepsy

Gabriella Di Rosa, Maria Spanò, Patrizia Lenzo, Eleonora Parisi, Emanuela Tripodi, Eva Germanò, Rosamaria Siracusano, and Gaetano Tortorella
Prevalence of migraine in children with idiopathic/cryptogenic epilepsy

Roberto Horacio Caraballo, Roberto García, Bolivar Quito Betancourt, Santiago Flesler, Marcelo Bartuluchi, and Ricardo Cersósimo
Epileptic syndromes in children with hydrocephalus shunted in the first 2 years of life: A retrospective study of 67 cases

Case Reports
Syndi A. Seinfeld, Gary W. Tye, and Lawrence D. Morton
Epilepsy surgery in a patient with Dandy-Walker variant

Eduardo Monese, Ricardo Cersósimo, Nidia Escobal, Adriana Sassone, and Roberto Horacio Caraballo
Early-onset absence epilepsy associated with GLUT 1 deficiency