Official Journal of the World Society of Child Science, Turkiye

Formerly known as Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry (2010 - 2016)


Volume 1, Number 1, Year 2017

Case Reports
A. Abu-Libdeh, I. D. Wexler, I. Dweikat, D. Zangen, and B. Abu-Libdeh
A Novel Mutation in the AVPR2 Gene in a Palestinian Family with Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

P. Sakthivel, R. Kumar, A. Kairo, R. Kumar, and R. Thota
Nasal Tip Dermoid Sinus Cyst Excision by Open Rhinoplasty Technique

H. Bingöl and M. K. Günel
Functional Status in a Teenager with Phenylketonuria from the ICF Perspective

Original Article
Hemonta Kumar Dutta, Madhuchanda Bora, and Diganta Saikia
Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes in Neonates Undergoing Lung Resection for Congenital Lesions

Case Report
K. Nemsadze, E. Liluashvili, N. Kikodze, and T. Bakhtadze
Primary Lactase Deficiency among Malnourished Children with Persistent Diarrhea in Tbilisi, Georgia

Letter to the Editor
Yi-Zheng Wang, Li-Rong Cao, and Chun-Quan Cai
Accessory Penis and Scrotum in a Male Infant