(Society Code No: 65-004-113)
Name of Society and Center
Article 1 - Name of Society: "The World Society of Children Science".
The Headquarters of the Society is Van.
The Society may open branches at home and abroad.

Purpose of the Society and for Achieving This Purpose Study Subjects, Styles and Scopes
Article 2 - Supporting education in Turkey, for improvement of child health and the health of school-age children to training in the field of health and health skills through vocational and technical education in the field of development, education and training by conducting health-related research and development. The purpose of the Society will continue to perform the work area and the forms of work; The Society organize scientific congresses, seminars and trainings for the realization of the purpose, found in national and international publications. Support civil society in Vocational School of Health. Makes co-operation with Turkey and the International Children's Health Center, ministries, universities and other organizations related to child health and also the World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Society maintain co-operation directly with foreign and international organizations.

Topics and Formats of studies will be carried out by the Society
1. Enabling Activities for the development and conduct research, develop projects or projects to be shared.
2. Organizing programs, courses, seminars, conferences and panels.
3. For the realization of purpose providing all necessary information, documents, and publications.
4. To achieve the purpose providing a healthy working environment, stationery supplies technical tools and inventory.
5. Engage in fundraising and accepting donations from within the country and abroad.
6. Building social and cultural facilities in purpose of members spend their leisure time and benefits.
7. Engage in international activities abroad to become members of society and organizations, and making joint efforts with these organizations on projects.
8. Opening branches and representative offices at necessary places.
9. Our Society helps pediatric patients.
10. Also our labor provides scholarship support to primary and secondary education students.

Areas of Activity,
The Society operates in the scientific and social fields.

Registration Rights and Membership Operations
Article 3 - Bearing the conditions stipulated by the legislation that every natural and legal person is entitled to be members of the Society. Foreign real persons have to settle in Turkey is also required. This condition does not apply for honorary membership.
The original members of the Society, the society’s founders and their application were accepted for membership on the board of directors.

Article 4 - Each member with a written notice, have the right to unsubscribe.

Dismissal from Membership
Article 5 - states that require removal from membership.
1. Engaging in conduct contrary to the statutes of the Society,
2. To avoid the duties constantly,
3. Spite of written warnings to pay dues within six months.

Organs of the Society
Article 6 - Organs of the society are shown below.
1. The General Assembly,
2. Board of Directors,
3. Supervisory board.

Duties and Powers of the General Assembly
Article 7 - The following issues will be discussed and resolved by the General Assembly;
1. Society election of the bodies,
2. Changing regulations of the society,
3. Management and supervisory board and the board's discussion of the reports clearance,
4. The board of directors discussed the budget prepared to accept it as is or amended,
5. Inspection of the other organs and if necessary justify the reasons for their dismissal,
6. Denial of membership or expulsion from membership on the appeal against the decision of the board,
7. The society to join the society and dissociation be agreed,
8. The society agreed to the opening of branches,
9. So the presence of the international activities,
10. Establishing foundations,
11. Termination of the society.

Formation of the Board of Directors, Duties and Powers
Article 8 - Five regular and five alternate members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly.
The Board of Directors at its first meeting after the election the president making a decision to division of tasks, setting vice president, secretary, treasurer and members.

Formation of the Supervisory Board, Duties and Powers
Article 9 - The supervisory board, three regular and three alternate members are elected by the General Assembly.
In the original membership of the supervisory board resignation or other reasons, if there is a vacancy received the majority of votes at the general meeting of members called to duty in order replacement are required.

Sources of Income of the Society
Article 10 - The Society sources of income are listed below.
1. Members of the entrance fee is 10 TL, annual fee is 25 TL. This amount is authorized to increase or decrease the general assembly,
2. Department of dues: to meet the general expenses of the Society is collected by the branches at 50% of membership fees have six months will be sent to the headquarters,
3. The income from the assets of the society,
4. Assistance will be collected in accordance with the provisions of legislation on collection of donations and grants.

Borrowing Procedures of the Society
Article 11 - Society can make borrowing if needed to realize the objectives and activities by the decision of the board.

Establishment of Branches of the Society
Article 12 - The Society, where necessary, by a decision of the general meeting may open branches.

Terms Deficit
Article 13 - It matters not specified in the statutes of the Law on society, the Turkish Civil Code and the Law on society, which have been referring to the Regulations, and other relevant legislation shall be applied on the Society.